This exclusive webinar is designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs in the UK with the knowledge and tools they need to kickstart their business journey.

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About The Webinar

This webinar is a comprehensive guide to starting and running a successful business in the UK. Led by industry experts, it aims to equip participants with the essential skills, strategies, and insights needed to navigate the competitive business landscape in the UK.

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Price Today: £400 £100


Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Individuals who have a passion for entrepreneurship and are eager to launch their own business in the UK

Small Business Owners

 Existing small business owners who are looking to grow and scale their businesses in the UK market.

Professionals Transitioning to Entrepreneurship

Individuals who are currently employed but are considering a career shift towards entrepreneurship.

Students and Graduates

Students or recent graduates who have an interest in entrepreneurship and want to explore the possibilities of starting a business in the UK. They may be studying business or related fields and are looking for practical guidance to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.

Individuals Exploring Business Opportunities

Those who are considering business opportunities in the UK and want to understand the local business landscape, market trends, and legal requirements.

Whether you are starting from scratch or seeking to enhance your existing business skills, this webinar is tailored to empower you with the knowledge, resources, and strategies to succeed in the dynamic and competitive business environment of the UK.

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Meet The Instructor


Instructor Bio

Our webinar instructor, Mr Abiodun Bamgbala FCCA, MBA, is a qualified chartered accountant and seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in starting and scaling successful businesses. As a business coach and consultant based in the United Kingdom, He has helped numerous individuals achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. His expertise lies in strategic planning, marketing, and financial management.

What to Expect?

  • Legal Requirements and Procedures for Starting a Business in the UK
  • Developing a business plan and securing funding
  • Marketing and branding strategies for success
  • Managing finances and building a sustainable business model
  • Overcoming challenges and maximizing growth opportunities

How the Webinar Will Help You?

By attending this webinar, you will gain a deep understanding of the intricacies of starting a business in the UK. You will learn valuable insights from industry experts and acquire practical skills that can be immediately applied to your own venture. This webinar will empower you with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the entrepreneurial journey successfully.

Professional Outcomes?

Many previous participants have experienced remarkable business outcomes after attending this webinar. Some have successfully launched their own businesses, while others have secured funding and expanded their existing ventures. This webinar will provide you with the tools and resources you need to turn your business aspirations into reality.

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Price Today: £400 £100

Benefits for Participants

  • Exclusive Access: Gain exclusive access to webinar materials, resources, one-on-one mentorship and recordings that you can revisit at any time 
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and potential collaborators during dedicated networking sessions.
  • Q&A Sessions: Get your burning questions answered by the instructor during live Q&A sessions to address specific business-related queries.


Attending the ‘Starting a Successful Business in the UK’ webinar was a game-changer for me. I gained invaluable insights and learned practical strategies that helped me launch my own business with confidence.


Web Designer turned Entrepreneur

This webinar exceeded my expectations. The instructor’s expertise and guidance helped me secure funding and expand my business into new markets. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to start a business in the UK.


Small Business Owner

FAQ Section

How much does the webinar cost? 

The webinar comes at a discounted price of £100 as opposed to the initial price of £500 pounds.

Will there be any follow-up support after the webinar?

Yes, participants will have access to a dedicated support forum where they can ask questions and receive further guidance.

What if I can’t attend the live webinar?

Don’t worry! Registered participants will receive access to the webinar recording, allowing you to watch it at your convenience.

Is the webinar suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! This webinar caters to both beginners and individuals with existing business experience.

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Price Today: £400 £100